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Maintain "quality" to maintain consistency



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Maintain "quality" to maintain consistency

2023-11-11 08:00



  "Inspection" Weizhi Zhuo

  September is the National Quality Month, not only in September, but also deeply implemented in every moment. To further promote the comprehensive quality management of Bonwe Rubber, strengthen the concept of "quality first, quality first", ensure the effective operation of our company's quality management system, and provide customers with higher quality products.

  Xiaobang has a professional hydraulic hose series in the market and is equipped with wear-resistant jackets. As a leading manufacturer of hydraulic hoses in the market, our product range can provide high performance and withstand harsh working environments. Our hoses are designed for high and low temperatures and are suitable for various applications. Our hydraulic hoses also meet strict industry standards.

  Today, Xiaobang will give you

  Introduce the overall situation of our company's strict quality control in the production of product quality and safety

  Clarify everything and implement every detail to assist management personnel in implementing the "Monthly Quality and Safety Training Meeting for Factory Selection" in accordance with quality and safety training standards.



  01 Selection of appropriate hydraulic hoses for continuous improvement in product quality and safety

  The inner adhesive layer has the effect of receiving medium pulse pressure and maintaining the steel wire from corrosion; The outer adhesive layer maintains the steel wire from being damaged; The steel wire layer serves as a reinforcement for the skeleton. The structure (weaving/wrapping) and number of layers of the steel wire layer are graded, and the pressure received by the hydraulic hose is also graded. The steel wire layer can reach a maximum pressure of 90MPA or even higher from layer 1 to layer 6. Hydraulic hoses are suitable for delivering hydraulic fluids, hydraulic oil, fuel, lubricating oil, emulsions, ethylene glycol aqueous solutions, and water. The suitable working temperature for commonly used high-pressure rubber hoses is: steel wire woven high-pressure rubber hoses -40 ℃ -+100 ℃, steel wire wrapped high-pressure rubber hoses -40 ℃ -+120 ℃. When the working condition is limited by this temperature or special media is guaranteed, please choose suitable special rubber hoses.





  Hydraulic hose pulse test





  Strictly follow high standards to implement quality





  02 Taking Quality and Intelligence

  Real time implementation in product quality and safety

  Organize personnel from various departments to inspect the standardization of job positions in each department



  Improve testing efforts in all aspects, and strictly follow high standards in all reports



  Regarding the service life of rubber hoses

  Due to the complexity of rubber hose varieties, diverse structures, and different usage conditions, the service life of rubber hoses not only depends on quality, but also on correct use and maintenance. The following will introduce the maintenance of rubber hoses:

  1. The hose and hose assembly can only be used for conveying design materials, otherwise it will reduce the service life or fail.

  2. Correctly use the length of the clamp hose, as the length of the hose undergoes changes under high pressure (-4% -+2%) and changes in length caused by mechanical movement.

  3. Rubber hoses and hose assemblies shall not be used for pressures exceeding the design working pressure (including impact pressure).

  4. Under normal circumstances, the temperature of the medium conveyed by the hose and hose assembly should not exceed -40 ℃ -+120 ℃, otherwise it will reduce the service life.

  5. Sandwich hoses and hose assemblies should not be used with a smaller bending radius than the hose to avoid bending or bending near the pipe joint, as it may hinder the hydraulic transmission of materials or damage the hose assembly.

  6. Sandwich hoses and hose assemblies shall not be used in a twisted state; Sandwich hoses and hose assemblies should be handled with care, not dragged on sharp and rough surfaces, and not bent or flattened.

  The storage space is connected to the forming groove at the end of the steel pipe, so that the mold core tip at the end of the steel pipe extends into the end of the forming groove. The mold core formed at the end of the steel pipe consists of a tip, a cylindrical part, and a connecting part from top to bottom, including a vertical cylindrical space.

  The cylindrical space and the end of the steel pipe form a cylindrical part of the mold core, forming a coordinated gap. On the premise of ensuring the size requirements of the inner cavity, the high-pressure oil pipe end is formed, with a simple structure, convenient processing, high efficiency, safety and reliability, and low cost.

  The high-pressure oil pipe end forming mold includes: a steel pipe end forming groove is set on the upper surface of the mold, the steel pipe end forming groove is conical downwards, and the lower part of the mold body is equipped with a space for accommodating the core formed by the steel pipe end.




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